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April 30, 2007

You are currently installing a new home on Park Lane in Easton, MD. I am the next door neighbor. I want to commend you on your employees. They all hustle and they all know what they're doing. It's a pleasure to watch them work...and it appears to me that they are very well equipped. I was particularly impressed with your gang who brought the units down and placed them on the lots. They're magicians!

It's not often these days when you see employees attack their jobs like yours do. No standing around, no goofing off, no slow pace...it's all hustle!...and all working well together. While watching I was struck by the difference between your crew and a city crew. The city crew would have 5 chiefs and 3 indians. You have 3 Indians who don't need a boss...they know what to do.

I am retired, am 80 and haven't seen employees work like yours do for a long time. You're lucky to have such employees, but I have the distinct feeling that your employees think they're lucky to work for you.

DB - Easton, MD

As a builder we’re always looking for ways to cut costs. Setting a custom modular home, however, is one area where we will always pay for quality. The crews with MHE cap months of our designing, planning and preparation in a matter of hours... we’re dead-on square and weather-tight usually in one day. They do it right, they do it cost-effectively, and they make it look easy.

The best modular home builders are only as good as the people they surround themselves with. Modular Home Erectors make us look good every time.

With Pleasure,
W. Harris Woodward
Owner, Finish Werks